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If you buy 100,000JPY worth Malaysian Ringgit today…

You can get 348 MYR more with us!!
< You save 9,473 JPY >


Why choose Dollar Euro Currency Exchange?

  • We offer a great service

  • Our rates are lower than what the bank offers

  • Order by 3pm and we will send out your currency on the same day

  • Rates are fixed until 11 am on the next business day

Process flow until the delivery


How to Order

※ I’m sorry, it’s available only Japanese page to order now.
  English page is not available.


【1】Select foreign currency to buy


You can order from here

【2】Fill out the order form

① Amount

② Payment method

③ Total amount

④ Customer’s information

⑤ Check your order

【3】Confirm your order


You can receive Email(order’s detail) from us in 5minutes.

If you couldn’t receive it, please contact us.

・Email → info@doru.jp 【 24H 】

・Call → 03-6418-1561 【 weekday 10:00~18:00 】

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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