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Cost Friendly Currency Exchange

Cost Friendly Currency Exchange

We offer fantastic rates as compared to banks, airports, and other currency exchange shops!

Below are the three key reasons regarding how we make this possible


We buy foreign currencies directly from the market, and provide them to customers. Since we do not go through brokers, additional costs are not part of the equation.


Banks and exchange shops usually run multiple shops. It is costly to manage all of these locations as there is a requirement to cover the running costs for these shops.
On the other hand, we only offer online service, so our operating expenses are greatly marginalized.
Those savings are passed on directly to the customers through our highly competitive rates.

Our ability to generate orders from customers all over Japan allows us to greatly reduce our commission fees, once again, benefitting the customers.

Different companies in this space run their businesses their own way, but our focus at Doru Euro Currency Exchange is to provide our customers with a range of currencies at great rates, speedy delivery and the best customer service.

Another important feature is giving customers visibility: when you place an order, you will see a breakdown of the grand total, showing the rate, sub-total and delivery fees before you confirm your order. We do not add any surcharges after your order is confirmed. What you see is what you get!



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  • We offer a great service

  • Our rates are lower than what the bank offers

  • Order by 3pm and we will send out your
    currency on the same day

  • Rates are fixed until 11 am on the next business day