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Our office is closed on 1/12


Thank you for using our service.

Our office and delivery service is closed on 1/12(Mon) since it is a holiday.
However, our website is open as usual, so you can order whenever you want!

● Please be aware that all orders placed after 3PM on 1/9(Fri) 
   will be sent out on the 13th(Tue).
   *If you deposit from Rakuten bank, we can send during the weekends. (no service on the 12th)
   Please be careful if you need foreign currencies ASAP.

● Deadline of depositing for "Bank Transfer" order is 1/13(Tue)11AM.

Have a great holiday!!!

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  • We offer a great service

  • Our rates are lower than what the bank offers

  • Order by 3pm and we will send out your
    currency on the same day

  • Rates are fixed until 11 am on the next business day

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