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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Reassurance in Currency Exchange
Are you worrying about exchanging currencies in a foreign country, in Japan, or online?
Dollar Euro Currency Exchange will solve all these issues and provide answers to questions you may have


There are so many exchange shops overseas, and they charge you additional commission fees in different ways. For instance, Shop A includes a fee in the rate, and Shop B charges you an additional surcharge.


In order to understand all of these situations, you need to be able to talk in their language and read their signs thoroughly.


Moreover, you will waste your energy and time just to look for a better rate, and you may well end up having to settle for an unfavorable rate.


Dollar Euro Currency Exchange has Japanese and English customer support. If you have any worries or questions, we can always answer in either Japanese or English, whichever language you feel comfortable with, over phone calls or emails.
Our website is very straightforward and simple, so it is easy for you to understand and know the exact rate and amount that you are ordering for.



Many people feel unsure about how much amount they will get for the exchange, but we provide a very easy and simple service.


We have our own calculator system that shows you the exact amount that you need to pay using the latest rate. If you type in your desired amount in the calculator, you can see the exact amount that you need to pay (*delivery fee is NOT included, but shown later before you confirm the order) so you do not need to worry about calculating on your own.


You can know for certain about how much foreign currency you can get before you place the order, so you do not need to worry about anything. After you click on to “Check My Order” button, you will see your details of your order (*delivery fee will be shown at this stage and is included), and you will be all set after clicking on to “Confirm My Order.” No need to worry about “unclear additional fees” or “getting less currency than you thought.”



After your order is mailed out, we send you an email with a tracking number. You can always track your order online by going to the link below and inputting your tracking number.

Track Your Order


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  • We offer a great service

  • Our rates are lower than what the bank offers

  • Order by 3pm and we will send out your
    currency on the same day

  • Rates are fixed until 11 am on the next business day